46147 Canadians died in WW2 and the Korean War.
The Book of Rememberance

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         The artifact room is located in the lower level of the Legion building. Our objective, which we are very close to reaching, is to qualify this area into a museum category. Tentative plans are also in place to install an elevator, which will improve access to this lower level.

Medals Medals

         This museum provides an opportunity for the safe and secure storage and display of military memorabilia. This memorabilia is primarily donated by veterans, family members of veterans,others who are interested collectors, and many Legion members. The museum also honours the men and women who participated in military conflicts and peacekeeping roles throughout Canada`s history.
         The artifacts room is a nonprofit facility; donations are gratefully accepted. This unit is manned, organized, and built by Legion members, who gave freely of their time and talents. The membership of this branch are very grateful to have this excellent facility and to everyone involved in its developement.

Army Section.
Army Section

         The museum helps educate all generations of the community; with particular emphasis on youth. Several public and high school classes, along with their teachers, visit this area each year. We have veterans available for individuals or groups that have Canadian military history assignments. Students and Teachers are always welcome! Please contact us for appointments.

Hundreds of interesting books

Hours of Operation:

Thursday 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Also open on special request - please contact us.

Phone: (306) 374-6303

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Airforce Section

Uniforms Uniforms
Military Uniforms

Navy Boats Navy Boats
Navy Section

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